Our nutrition programs consist of blood lab testing, DUTCH testing (hormone testing) and Autoimmunity/Immunology Testing through Cyrex Labs with or without Applied kinesiology (appointments can be requested with or without AK). After the initial consultation, the doctor will advise on the best treatment plan and at that time will order any necessary testing, recommend a supplement program with as minimal supplements as possible to help the patient along with diet recommendations. As needed, we also co-manage with your primary care physician for optimal results.

Applied kinesiology is a non-invasive method of determining the underlying causes of your condition. With applied kinesiology, we treat the root of the issue – not just the symptoms. Using feedback from your body, applied kinesiology reliably and consistently detects the source of your ill or non-optimum health and indicates nutritional deficiencies. This technique is a form of muscle testing. When performing applied kinesiology, we can scan the body and all of the reflex points for the 5 most common stressors that are causing symptoms of poor health: heavy chemical toxicities (found in our environment), hidden food allergies or sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity and scar interference’s. When these stressors accumulate in our body they can build up as toxins over time and start to impair the function of major endocrine/metabolic glands and organs that are crucial to our health. Once we discover the underlying issue and where it is affecting your body, we test to see what nutrients you are lacking due to this toxin overload. When your body receives the proper amount of nutrients in the forms of whole food essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, many imbalances in your body come back into balance. When that happens symptoms lessen and are able to heal and often times disappear.

Nutrition programs consist of the following:

  • Personalized nutrition counseling and support
  • Education regarding metabolism and digestion
  • Improving gut health and immunity
  • Balancing hormone levels through nutrition
  • Consulting on cooking, recipes and food preparation
  • Food, supplement and health product recommendations
  • Goal attainment and maintenance

Weight Loss

Our customized nutritional programs are aimed at shedding weight while addressing health concerns simultaneously. Each patient has 24-hr email access to the doctor for questions and concerns that come up along the way. We are passionate about helping you reach your health and weight goals and make your goals our priority.